CV of Du Lin






University of Chicago, U.S 

  • PhD program in Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
  • Advisor: Wu Hung




Peking University, China 

  • Chinese Language and Literature
  • Advisor: Wang Feng




Nagoya University, Japan 

  • Exchange student in School of Letters, Nagoya University Program For Academic Exchange (NUPACE) Program
  • Advisor: Hideaki Fujiki


9/2003-8/2006 Beijing No.4 High School, China 

  • Participated in Somatic-cell nuclear transfer experiment with scientists in Chinese Academy of Sciences, as a member of school science club

visual culture, history of photography in China and Japan, and cultural studies 


Guided Independent Study (GIS), advisor: Hideaki Fujiki, Nagoya University


The New Photography Movement in Japan and Kimura Ihei 

  • Question: During 1920s—1930s New Photography Movement, why Japanese photographers, represented by Kimura Ihei, once claimed to persist in realism, yet ended up with cooperation with government for propaganda.
  • Examined development of Japanese Photography History and major photographers’ change about photographic theory through literary texts (memoirs, photography critics’ declarations of The New Photography Movement published on newspapers) and photographic texts of primary source
  • Visual Analysis of the bias in two photography exhibitions of Kimura Ihei


Junior-Year-End paper, advisor: Wang Feng
2/2009-5/2009 Controversy with the school of Modern Critics: Field research and Textual research of the change from “Eight Gentlemen in Jixiang Hutong” to”’Gentlemen’ of Jixiang Faction” in Luxun’s Essays 

  • Field Research method of visiting the courtyard dwelling of these professors and interviewing the old residents living in the neighborhood in search of residence condition, life style, standard and cost of living of the day.
  • Collated the field survey with evidence from photographs, architecture of their residence, maps, and archives of Beijing University to explore individual histories, life condition and academic achievements of major members
  • Reconstituted historical context of the controversy between the school of Modern Critics and Lu Xun and explored the reason why Chen Xiying and other professors with abroad studies experience having good reputation in old Beida yet denounced by Lu Xun


Research Project supported by Peking University Education Foundation, advisor: Jiang Tao


Central Park: a new cultural space in Beijing of 1920s 

  • Focused on construction history of central park and relevant historical figures, literary activities and events
  • Explored cultural function of central park from dual perspective of urban history and cultural history, thereby presenting the modernization transformation of Beijing


Academic Writing

Summer Course: UChicago Academic and Professional Writing Program (aka: “The Little Red Schoolhouse”) 

Visual Analysis
3/2012-6/2012 Audit Seminar: Photography and American Cultural Memory 

  • Prof. Sarah Miller, Art History
  • Investigated how photographs serve to construct and interrogate American history, culture and collective identity
  • Discussed two themes: the imaginative construction of community and citizenship, and the interpretation of Western landscape


1/2012-3/2012 Seminar Course: Mediums and Contexts of Chinese Pictorial Art 

  • Prof. Wu Hung, Art History
  • Course Paper:
    • Overcoming medium: Kubota’s unconventional kimono art
    • John Thomson’s “Illustrations of China and Its People
  • Interpreted pictorial representations as image-bearing objects and architectural structures and investigated how image-bearing medium conversely constructed and developed pictorial images


2/2008-6/2008 Seminar Course: Art and Architecture of the Forbidden City in China 

  • Prof. Lillian Lan-ying Tseng, Department of the History of Art
  • Final Paper: TsingHua University: Transformation from imperial garden to National TsingHua University in 1909-1928
  • Explored how the western campus planners together with Chinese sponsorship transformed the traditional imperial Tsinghua garden into modern comprehensive university


Historical Research Training
3/2012-6/2012 Seminar Course: Collective Memories and Oral History 

  • Prof. Jacob Eyferth
  • Course Paper: The Absence of Family: Memories of family in Zhiqing’s narratives
1/2012-3/2012 Lecture Course: China in Revolution, 1927 to 1976 

  • Prof. Jacob Eyferth
  • Course Paper: Art Policies And Photographers’ Art Theory In Early 1960s
2/2009–6/2009 PKU-Yale Joint Undergraduate Program in Beijing (PKU) 

Seminar Course: Beijing Then and Now

  • Prof. Valerie Hansen, History Department
  • Course Papers:
    • Review of The culture of Xuannan urbanites in the Qing era
    • How men and women engaged their social life in Beijing of 1920s?
    • Report of guidebook about Peking in Republican period
    • The limitation of Sidney Gamble’s Peking: A Social Survey
    • The lost opera: from popularity to endangerment
  • Academic training on constructing interpretative arguments based on evidence, weighing reliability of primary sources include memoirs, guidebooks, and social surveys through internal and external factors
9/2008–1/2009 PKU-Yale Joint Undergraduate Program in Beijing (PKU) 

Lecture Course: 900-2006 Beijing and China, 900-2006

  • Prof. Valerie Hansen, History Department
  • Course Papers:
    • The bias of the author of Proclaiming Harmony toward the Jurchen people
    • Laoqida’s revealing about China’s openness in 14th-16th centuries
    • The role Beijing played in Mao’s understanding of the past and future of China
  • Academic training on critical analysis of primary sources with historical case studies


9/2011-6/2012 University of Chicago 

  • A Young Person’s Guide to East Asian Humanities at the University of Chicago, Prof. Michael Bourdaghs
  • Literary Life of Things, Prof. Judith Zeitlin
  • Contemporary Chinese Novel, Prof. Paola Iovene
10/2009–8/2010 Audit Master’s Seminars of Film cultural theory and reception theory in Graduate School of School of Letters, Nagoya University 

  • Approaches to audiences: reception and consumption of film「観客へのアプローチ――映像の受容と消費」, Prof. Hideaki Fujiki
    • Course Paper: Review of An Amorous History of the Silver Screen: Shanghai Cinema, 1896-1937, by Zhang Zhen, Chapter 2
  • Film and Affect「映像/情動」, Prof. Hideaki Fujiki
09/2006–present Courses in Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University 

  • History of Modern Chinese Literature
  • Studies on Lu Xun’s Novels
    • Final Paper: The motivation of Lu Xun’s fictional works: function of organizing thoughts in Lu Xun’s polyphonic novel “出关 Going out (1935)” in Old Tales Retold
  • The Study on Shen Congwen
    • Lifelong guardian for Love and Life: Shen Congwen’s Aiyu in Yue Xia Xiao Jing
  • Audit: Studies on Lu Xun and Zhou Zuoren, Graduate Seminar


11/2011 Academic paper: The New Photography Movement in Japan and Kimura Ihei”, from Material & Idea: Chinese Photography History 1840s–2011=史料 .史识摄影术传入至今的中国摄影书写. Gao Chu 高初 and Du Lin 杜琳, editors. [S.l: s.n., 2011]. Papers in Chinese or English from a conference in Jiangsu, China, distributed only to participants and selected others.
9/2011 University of Chicago 5-year Fellowship 

  • Provided full financial support


Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarship


“Central Park: a new cultural space in Beijing of 1920s”, Research Project supported by Peking University Education Foundation
7/2008 2nd Prize of National Media and Design competition for Liberal Art Student 

“Haunting Paintings”, animation produced by Maya 3D animation software




Volunteer, Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP)                                  Beijing, China  

  • Friends of Old Beijing Project (FoOB)
  • Team-worked in taking field surveys and interviews with residents of hutongs neighborhood
  • Produced an annual report evaluating on the cultural heritage preservation effort of Old Beijing to Beijing Municipal Committee, Municipal Government and National People’s Congress, and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee (CPPCC)




Founder and organizer, Beijing No.4 High School Alumni Club 

  • Organized alumni to hold lectures and communicate knowledge between different disciplines
Mandarin Chinese Native
English Advanced
Japanese Advanced
Classical Chinese Advanced