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 Social Archive of Chinese Photography (SACP)


中国美术学院的中国摄影文献Social Archive of Chinese Photography研究所,致力于中国摄影史的档案整理、学术研究和学科建设,在过去数年里抢救性地收集、整理、保存中国近现代的摄影档案。作为中国最有声誉的摄影理论与史论的学术研究所与教学机构,活跃在文献汇集、学术生产和展览实践的最前沿。自2011年起,Photography in China(1842-2017)Photographs: China and World这两个研究计划,不但连接着世界范围内的摄影史学者和机构,而且打通了艺术家、美术馆界和出版界,每年完成着数十个展览和十余本出版物。中国摄影文献所在的中国美术学院跨媒体学院,是中国唯一的专设策展人专业的院校,每年培养十余位从事职业策展人的博士生、硕士生和本科生。


Completed Project

The main body of the website materials comes from Mr. Gao Chu’s endeavor between 2002 and 2011. During these years, he sorted out the complete works of some photographers, whose careers mostly started in 1930s, and he also interviewed more than 180 photographers in order to finish an oral history project. The original intention of this photographic research was to investigate the impact of those photographers, who were active from 1930s to 1980s, on the construction of Chinese photography discourse, and the fact how they carried on the traditions of photography in the period of Republic of China and how they influenced later photographers. The outcome of the investigation on those photographers’ careers, biographies, and complete works has constituted a solid foundation for further valuable discussions and studies. On the other hand, the images presented in those photos not only nail the photographers as objectives in art history research, but also illustrate important historical events in China. Those photos are undoubtedly valuable materials in modern Chinese history.


New Project

A new research project starts in 2011.  In the project, we planned to devote ourselves to collecting image materials of China from 1840s. We expect that the outcome of this research will become the base of further research in Chinese photography history and modern Chinese history. Scholars, from China and other countries, specialized in art history, Chinese art history, modern Chinese history, East Asian study, sociology, and anthropology have been involved in this project. Symposiums will be held periodically, and a series of books supported by Chinese National Fund will be published.



Gao Chu (CV) is the supervisor of the projects, and a scholar and curator of Chinese photography. He has spent more than ten years to build an alternative archive of Chinese photographers, collecting oral history and negatives, photos, and diaries of photographers active between the 1930s to the 1980s. He has published widely on Chinese photography, including Forefront: Wartime Photography in China 1936-1945(2015) and David Crook: Selected photographs in China (2016) .He now serves as the Director of Social Archive of Chinese Photography (SACP) at China Academy of Art (CAA).

Wei xiaoyang maintains the database. She is a member in SACP, and a scholar and curator of Chinese photography.

Du Lin (CV) conducts internship in the research department of Moma in NY, as she graduated from Harvard University.



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