Investigate and Survey to The Red Flag Canal

About the Red Flag Canal

Here is a shot introduction about the Red Flag Canal from internet:

On the sheer precipices and overhanging rocks at the east foot of the Taihang Mountains in  Linzhou City,there is a man-made river, which winds 1,500km,called the Red Flag Canal.The construction of the canal started in 1960 and completed in 1969.The headwork of the canal starts from Houbiduan,Pingshun County,Shanxi Province and gets the water of Zhanghe River to Linxian Country through the irrigation ditch dug along the mountain.The general trunk is 70km long with a water-channeling capacity of 20cubic meters per second,which can irrigate 36,000 ha of field.The Red Flag Canal is divided into three trunk canals in the watershed.This is a huge project on which over 40 million workers toiled for almost 10 years.The Linxian people totally leveled off 50precipices,dug open 624 cliffs,strode across 274 ditches and rivers,and built many tunnels,aqueducts and culverts.

After its completion the Red Flag Canal solved the problem of water shortage for the Lincxian County and became a tourist attraction in the Linlv Mountain.Reputed by the visitors as the  Man-made Milky Way and the Contemporary Great Wall,it has attracted some 40,000 people from 130 countries and regions.However what benefits the Linxian people most is the spirit developed in the course of the construction of the canal.The spirit can be summarized as  self-reliance,teamwork and hard struggle.Because of this sprit the Red Flag Canal has been listed by the state as one of the bases for patriotic education to young people.The main scenic spots of the Red Flag Canal include the General Trunk Canal,Bifurcation Gate(分水苑)and the Youth Cave.

From October 28 to December 4, Some students from School of Iner-media Art, China Academy of Art and teacher Gao went to Henan province and visit the Rad Flag Canal. We had a investigation and survey to the canal.

红旗渠-太行山 红旗渠对面的村庄 红旗渠和浊漳河 红旗渠实地调研 静静的红旗渠 探访当年的南丰村 听村里人讲当年南丰村的故事 DSC01047 采访南丰村会计

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